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The Power of


Everyone has a dream, some goal or activity that gives their life deeper meaning and sparks passion. When we pursue our dreams, we feel empowered. This power, in turn, connects us to others who share the same dreams. It gives us the strength to overcome great challenges. It inspires us to spread the joy of our dreams to other people.

Adding a modern twist to the retro cafe-racer style, the new CB300R is built to give its rider the perfect BigBike to show-off all of his unique moves.

The whole world knows the might and prowess of the brand CB. To carry forward this legendary legacy in India, the H’ness CB350 is here, a majestic motorcycle.

History is only a collection of stories. Some thrill, the others add excitement even in the familiar. When the right ones are picked to reflect on, you actually go on to rewrite them. But no matter where it takes you, or what answer you’re looking for, get on a Honda CB350RS and Live Your Story.


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